Who We Are

Meet our CEO Adeyinka Adegbenle

Ade(Yinka) is a former financial service professional turned Excellence Strategist, Educator and Author. She has a record of success with 15+ years of experience in different organizations including Fortune 500 Multi-Nationals with 65,000+ employees and $20 Billion+ Revenue.

Adeyinka is passionate about helping youths communicate better in writing. She works with youths to help them develop their Writing, Analytical, Logical Reasoning, Critical Thinking, Grammar and Vocabulary skills.

She strongly believes that “The youths of today are the leaders of tomorrow”. Adeyinka wants to see our youths become well-rounded future leaders. She prepares youths she works with for the future by equipping them with Principles of Excellence that lead to increased confidence, value, self-worth, and ultimately fulfillment and lasting success. She does this via our adapted workshops and school assemblies.

In addition to working with youths, Adeyinka is also a published author. Her book - Joab, King David’s Top General: Essential Lessons on Character, is a non-fiction narrative that details the qualities of great leadership and pitfalls to avoid - as told through the biography of the well-accomplished commander-in-chief – Joab. It is available on Amazon and everywhere books are sold online.

Adeyinka has shared her expertise on Principles of Excellence on many leading podcasts such as:

She has a BA in Industrial Economics, University of Nottingham; MBA in International Business Relations : Long Island University; She has a Certification in teaching English to Adult Learners: TEFL; and another certification in teaching English to Young learners: TEFL.

Furthermore, Adeyinka is a Certified Project Manager: PMI-PMP.

Adeyinka’s Story:

In February of 2009 at the height of the Great Recession, I lost my highly revered job in the financial services sector. That brought on a deep sense of depression and anxiety. It felt as though I had hit rock bottom. As I deeply reflected during those dark times, I embarked on a personal development journey. It was on this journey that I discovered Excellence Principles that lead me to discover and pursue my purpose to equip and help others become better.

Fast forward to 2022, I have since used these principles to rebuild my life and help many struggling youths gain confidence, value and self-worth; become better writers and well-rounded emerging leaders.