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Who We Are

Established in 2019, Ways of Excellence LLC is a professional services organization that provides: Assemblies, Tutoring, Group Mentoring, Training, Workshops and Seminars to youths.

We specialize in teaching youths: Principles and Disciplines of Excellence that lead to lasting growth and success via our workshops, assemblies and seminars.

Our goal is to equip youths with principles and strategies that will lead them to become effective and responsible adults and citizens of the community.

Additionally, we have a record of success in helping students prepare for standardized tests.

We teach students how to clearly express themselves in writing; improve their ability to properly read and understand reading materials; and develop Strong Analytical + Critical + Logical Reasoning skills.

What We Do

Adapted One-on-One Private Teaching / Tutoring Services

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, we can help.

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School Assemblies

“The Youths of Today are The Leaders of Tomorrow” Nelson Mandela

We are passionate about helping our youths become well-rounded future leaders. We prepare our youths (Emerging Leaders) by equipping them with Principles of Excellence that lead to increased Confidence, Value, Self-Worth, and ultimately Lasting Fulfillment and Success.

Are you in search of a speaker or facilitator for your next school assembly or youth-oriented event? You are in the right place!

… and much more

Excellence Development Workshop

Our Excellence Development Workshop lasts anywhere from 2 – 5 hours.

Here is a snippet of what is covered in our workshop sessions:

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What they say about us

"Thank you again for helping our son with his English. He really enjoyed the class today."


"She is really good at what she does"


"She made it easy to understand everything, I did not struggle with anything. "


"It was a great pleasure working with Ms. Adeyinka. She was God-sent to my daughter. My daughter responded very well to her. She's patient, compassionate and very skilled. She kept my daughter stimulated, and engaged the whole time. I couldn't have asked for a better tutor. Definitely will recommend her and will definitely use her again!"


"Mrs. Adegbenle has been such a wonderful impact to my kids, and a breath of fresh air. She has been an inspiration to my kids, and my kids love her so much. She has allowed them to think independently and without regret. She is a tough teacher who doesn't believe in failure and she never gives up on a child. My daughter was a mission for her but she got her on the right track. Before Yinka, my daughter was struggling in English and math mainly, and Yinka got her on the right course not only on those subjects but others as well. Yinka is a beacon of light that my kids will never forget, and anyone who has her services should know that you are in good hands with Yinka. I appreciate everything she has done for my kids, and I wish I had her when I was their age. Don't think twice Yinka for your children is the right Spice. "


"Mrs. Adegbenle has been my children's instructor for almost 2 years and I have to say she has made a wonderful impact on their education. She has been vital to my children's transition from when they first started with her until now. My kids feel more confident, which was were lacking prior to Yinka. They are more attentive, more relaxed, more creative, more descriptive, sharper, more understanding, and more interested in school. All of these are crucial to me as a mother. My children before Yinka were lacking all the above and she remedied all that. She is such a wonderful instructor that helped my children reach their goals and beyond. I would recommend Yinka without a shadow of a doubt to anyone needing the right tools for their children's education, because of her skills and tactics with kids. She understands kids and what they lack, and she is tough with them which is what I loved about her. Impossible is not in her dictionary! I owe all my kids' future progress to her. "


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