Say this not That! Reframe your thoughts, Change your words.

It’s SPRING time!

It’s the most beautiful time of the year! The sun is out a little longer and it’s warmer. I think everything is better at this time of the year. But sadly with spring comes allergies. This is the time of the year where you mostly hear people saying things like:

“Oh, my allergies! My allergies”

I cringe whenever I hear people utter such words. Whenever we say things like that, what we are doing is this: we are asserting and affirming the fact that the allergies belong to us. We are stating it as a fact. The scary part of doing that is this: your subconscious is listening. Our subconscious is the part of us that functions and goes to work without us even realizing it.

When you say or affirm things that you don’t want, you are feeding your subconscious to think that those things belong to you. You are giving control to your unnecessary thoughts. Challenge yourself to reframe that thinking.

Instead of saying:

“Oh, my allergies! My allergies”

How about saying:

“These allergies are really bothersome or this allergy is making me very uncomfortable.”

You’re not denying the fact, but you’re not owning it either. Once you start reframing your thoughts, you will be surprised by the changes it will bring to you. Here is a personal example: ten years ago, I used to have bad allergies and inflammation of the gut. I felt tired all the time. I went to the doctor and after running numerous tests, they couldn’t find any health issues, and my vitals were fine. But my body was still fatigued daily.

I suffered from really bad gut inflammation, food sensitivities and allergies. I did not know any better then, and I used to go around saying things like “Oh! my gut inflammation. My this and my that.” Owning and affirming that which I did not want.

When I stopped this self sabotaging behavior. I noticed over time that my sub-conscious went to work looking for ways to get rid of of the gut inflammation and allergies. Today, I have put air-purifying plants in almost every single room in the house. My diet has changed tremendously. I am fully aware of the food groups that cause gut inflammation and stay clear of them. Sometimes, I would cheat a little bit in eating those things that I know I’m not supposed to eat. But generally, I know foods to stay away from. As a result, gut inflammation is now a thing of the past. I also now have loads of energy. I can keep up with my 5-year-old son who’s like an energizer bunny.

I am fully convinced that our world moves in the direction of our strongest thoughts and words. We create our personal world and transform it with our words. Our words are very powerful. I strongly believe that the words that we utter play a big role in what we manifest in our lives. Choose your words carefully.

 As you go about your daily business, challenge yourself to rephrase your thoughts around the words that you say.

We magnetize and magnify what we verbalize. Choose your words wisely.